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Terms and Conditions

General Guidelines and Information


  • The hirer accepts that the vehicle of choice has been delivered to them in a good working condition. The hirer also understands and acknowledges that the vehicle is to be returned to Yoko Transport LLC in the same condition once the period of rent is over (including all accessories).
  • Yoko Transport LLC reserves the right to recall a vehicle at any time – if the hirer has violated any of the company’s terms and conditions.
  • Yoko Transport LLC shall not be held accountable for any loss of goods.
  • Yoko Transport LLC reserves the right to make modifications to its terms and conditions without prior notice to any parties Geographical Limits.
  • Vehicles taken on rent from Yoko Transport LLC may only be driven within the geographical boundaries of the United Arab Emirates.

Geographical Limits 

  •  Vehicles taken on rent from Yoko Transport LLC may only be driven within the geographical boundaries of the United Arab Emirates.

Mileage Allowance 

Daily/ Weekly Rentals 

  • Daily mileage allowance is 300KM. anything after shall be charged as AED 0.35/KM.

 Monthly Rentals 

  • Monthly mileage allowance is 5000KM. anything after shall be charged as AED 0.35/KM.

Fuel Policy

  • The vehicle is to be returned after the rental period with the same fuel level as when it was hired. Fuel charges may apply if the fuel level is significantly lower. 


  • It is the hirer’s duty to ensure tires are kept properly inflated at all times.
  • It is the hirer’s duty to ensure the vehicle and its instruments are not damaged or tampered with.
  • It is the hirer’s duty to ensure a good standard of cleanliness is kept within the vehicle. 
  • The hirer will be held accountable for any and all repair costs incurred during their rental period. 
  • The hirer is not allowed to use a third-party repair service – this may result in a penalty for the hirer. 
  • In the case of any damage or accident – the hirer is to call the Police (999) and Yoko Transport LLC (+97155 296 3795). 
  • The hirer must obtain a police report for any damage caused during their rental period. 

Rental Period & Return Policy 

  • Rental charges are on a 24-hour basis
  • A grace period of 2 hours is accepted on return date • Any delay more than 2 hours will result in excess charges of a complete day.
  • Latest check-in time: 1800/ 6.00PM • No check in on Friday’s and Public Holidays. 
  • For pick-up service on return date (in Dubai), the hirer must inform Yoko Transport LLC  at least 4 hours prior to the pick-up time. 
  • For pick-up service on return date (in all other Emirates), the hirer must inform Yoko Transport LLC at least 24 hours prior to pick-up time.

Payments & Other Charges

Security Deposit

  • Security deposit of AED 1500 will be kept by Yoko Transport LLC prior to hirer receiving the vehicle. 
  • Security deposit rates may vary depending on the category of vehicle chosen for rent.
  • Deposit will be held for 30 calendar days after check-in date to accommodate for fines or Salik charges incurred by the hirer.


  • AED 5 per Salik crossing will be charged.
  • Rates of Salik crossing are subject to change without prior warning. 
  • Hirer will be charged an AED 1 per toll .
  • 5% tax rates will be applicable on Yoko Transport LLC’s service charge. 


  • All fines incurred during the rental period will be the responsibility of the hirer.
  • Hirer will be charged an AED 20 acknowledgment fee plus 10% service charge.
  • 5% VAT charges will be applicable to the service charge.

Service/ Maintenance 

  • All rental fees include periodical servicing fees • First servicing fee covered is at 1000KM.
  • After the first servicing, servicing will be required every 10,000KM.
  • The hirer must notify Yoko Transport LLC at least 2 days before the next servicing.
  • In the case of vehicle breakdown, Yoko Transport LLC will provide a replacement car as soon as possible.
  • Vehicles that were not serviced at the allocated times and have experienced damage will be the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer will be charged with all repairing costs. The rental period will be extended to cover the time taken to repair the damages.
  • Hirer shall not allow any third party to repair the rented vehicle without written consent from Yoko Transport LLC. 
  • The hirer is liable to repair any and all tire punctures.
  • Damages to the tires due to puncture will be inspected upon by the inspection team and the hirer may be charged. 
  • All vehicles should be serviced as per the service tag found on the windscreen of the car.
  • The hirer is to inform Yoko Transport LLC of any mechanical damage or failure – the hirer will be responsible for any damage caused due to late reporting.
  • The rental office will communicate the method of which to go about servicing the vehicle – this is also applicable to small issues such as a flat tire. 
  • The hirer will be liable for full costs of repair if the vehicle was damaged due to being operated with a flat tire • Service or break-down related issues can be dealt with by calling (+97155 296 3795). 

Additional Driver 

  • Hirer will be charged AED 100 for each additional driver.


  • Any vehicle rented from Yoko Transport LLC is only insured for driving on paved roads within the UAE. 
  • If hirer has not purchased a super CDW and the vehicle is in total loss, the hirer is liable to pay an additional charge of 20% of the purchase price of the vehicle if it is less than 12 months old OR 15% of the purchase price of the vehicle if it is more than 12 months old. 
  • In case of any damage to the vehicle, a police report must be obtained by the hirer otherwise the hirer will be held accountable for all damage repair costs.
  • Windshields, Tires, Wheels, Tools and Wheel cap damage are not included in the insurance.

Legal Issues


  • All hirers must be, at a minimum, 25 years of age. 
  • 70% insurance is covered for hirers between the ages 22 and 25.


  • The hirer will be liable to pay Yoko Transport LLC the impounding charges plus loss of rental charges in the case of the vehicle being impounded by authorities Parking.
  • The hirer is to make sure that the vehicle rented is always parked in a safe, secure location and that all doors are kept locked. 
  • Hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle • Hirer will be responsible for the loss of any keys. 
  • The minimum charge for a lost key will be AED 1000 • Charges for lost keys may vary depending on the category of vehicle that is rented. 
  • Any parking fines incurred by the hirer will be charged to the hirer plus will be subject to an administration fee.

Online Booking – Terms & Conditions

The Online Booking Terms & Conditions are applicable as of 01/08/2020


  • Selection: Clients criteria entered on to online booking form, including dates of rent period plus a choice of vehicle.
  • Our Offer: Based on the clients’ criteria, Yoko Transport LLC will provide the client with offers matching their requests. The client will then select the offer of their choice. 
  • Confirmation of choice: After choosing the offer, the client will click the ‘Book Now’ box – this will temporarily book the service for the client.  
  • Notification: After temporarily booking the service of choice, the client will be asked to: fill in customer details, verify booking summary and give final acceptance to terms and conditions of the booking. After which, the client can click the ‘Pay Now’ box.
  • Final Confirmation: , Yoko Transport LLC will send you a confirmation email, including all reservation details.

 Confirmation Mail

  • The client will receive a final confirmation mail of booking after all steps of the ‘process’ are complete.
  • This mail will also contain the terms & conditions of the service.


  • There are two ways of payment: 1) Book and Pay Now & 2) Book and Pay at Station.
  • Book and Pay Now refer to prepayment.
  • Prepaid rates will be available online.
  • Payment of the full estimated amount will be required at the time of booking.
  • Book and Pay at Station refers to paying directly at the, Yoko Transport LLC branch.
  • Important to ensure your credit card is accepted – for this you can refer to the terms & conditions.

Means of Payment 

Payment can be made using the following instruments: 

  • Credit Cards – credit cards commonly accepted at, Yoko Transport LLC are MasterCard and Visa.
  • Debit Cards – debit cards need to be associated with a bank account to be accepted. 
  • Maestro Cards. 
  • Visa Electron Cards.


  • Deposit is a payment in addition to the full price needed to be paid for the rental. 
  • The exact figure of the deposit required will be communicated to the hirer before finalization and will also be repeated in the confirmation emails.
  • The deposit is to allow Yoko Transport to receive security and protection of an authorization before the commencement of the rental period. 
  • The amount of deposit required will vary on the car category chosen.
  • The deposit payment remains valid throughout the entire rental period.
  • The deposit is to be refunded back to the hirer within 30 calendar days of the vehicle being returned. 
  • At the time of check-in, all payments must be cleared. 

 Other General Terms & Conditions 

  • If the hirer is a tourist, and holds a driving license from a UAE approved country, the hirer must sign a contract that states: As soon as the hirer obtains residency in the UAE, they must change their license to a United Arab Emirates driving license, the hirer also agrees that it will be illegal to drive in the UAE with a driving license from abroad once residency is obtained. 
  • Any accident or damage to the vehicle rented that occurs due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic drug will result in full liability being given to the hirer.
  • The hirer is to ensure that only drivers that have entered their name on to the contract are allowed to drive the vehicle.
  • The hirer is not permitted to tint the windows of the vehicle, or to add any stickers of their own to the vehicle. A fine of AED 500 will be imposed for such violations by, Yoko Transport LLC and the hirer will be fully liable for penalties imposed by the government. 
  • All disputes and conflicts regarding billing and accounts are handled by sales@yokotransport.com.
  • All disputes and conflicts regarding maintenance and services are handled by supervisor@yokotransport.com.
  • No cash is refundable