When looking to rent a car in Dubai it is important to find a car rental company that you can trust to deliver high quality service and hire cars. In Dubai there is no better choice than Yoko Car Rental. We have been providing our valued customers with great service and the highest quality standard in the car rental industry since 2013.

In this blog our team will be taking a look at 5 of the reasons you should choose Yoko Car Rental for your car lease in Dubai.


Flexible Rental Options

Finding rental terms that fit your needs is important when deciding on your car rental. Yoko Car Rental offers daily, weekly and monthly car rental rates for all of our available cars, including short term and long term leasing for corporate & individual customers. With these flexible options you can rest easy knowing that we cover your car rental needs.


Range of Cars To Choose From

At Yoko Car Rental we have the perfect fit for your car lease needs with a range of different brands to choose from including Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and more. Whether you are looking for a small hatchback Kia Picanto, a 5 seater sedan Nissan Sunny or even a 7 seater van Toyota Previa, we have everything you need at Yoko Car Rental. You can see our range of available cars on our website by clicking here.


Our Mission & Vision

What separates Yoko Car Rental from the other car rental companies is our mission and our vision. Our mission is that, wherever your destination may be, our focus is to get you there with maximum comfort, ease, and satisfaction. Our vision is to become the best car rental company in all of Dubai by providing the best service and prices for our customers for all of their car hire needs. 


The Yoko Car Rental Difference

When choosing a car lease in Dubai with Yoko Car Rental you will experience the Yoko difference. Our world-class service features many bonuses including 24-hour customer service, free delivery, five-star customer satisfaction, no hidden charges, and hassle-free car rental service. We are also ensuring our service is safe for our customers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic by fully sanitizing all of our rental cars. When purchasing a car rental package with Yoko Car Rental you will experience the ease and comfortability of working with the very best in the industry.


Peace of Mind Car Leasing

Experience peace of mind with your car lease in Dubai with Yoko Car Rental. We take the hassle out of ordinary car rental services by offering airport pick-up and drop-off, helping to make your travel easy and seamless. We also take care of you in the event of any problems with your hire car. If any problems occur with your rental car you can get in contact with our 24/7 Yoko Car Rental roadside assistance service, who are always available to assist you. With Yoko Car Rental you can relax and enjoy the drive while leaving everything else to our professional team.

Thank you for taking the time to learn why Yoko Car Rental is the best choice for your car lease in Dubai. If you would like to arrange a car rental in Dubai with Yoko Car Rental using our daily, weekly, or monthly car rental rates you can get in contact with our professional team through the contact page on our website. Be sure to follow our blog for more great articles. You can also stay updated with all things Yoko Car Rental by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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